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Four Words That Work

Daily Devotional from Kenneth & Gloria Copeland’s Faith to Faith


“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you desire, when you pray believe that you receive them and you shall have them” (Mark 11:24).

Believing.  That’s the key to everything in the kingdom of God.  It’s the way we tap into the very power of Almighty God.  Most of us know that.  But do we know how to put it into action?

Actually, it’s so simple, it’s startling.  It’s as simple as saying, “I believe I receive.”

Something happens in your spirit when you say those words.  I don’t understand how, but it does.  I don’t understand how my digestive system knows what to do when I swallow something, but it does.  All I have to do is take a bite of food and it goes to work.  I don’t have to feel it happen.  It just happens.  That’s the way the body is made.

In much the same way, when you feed on God’s precious promises and “swallow” them into your spirit by saying, “I believe I receive,” faith is released.  You don’t have to make it happen.  You don’t have to feel it happen.  It just happens.  The reborn spirit is made that way.

When you constantly say with your mouth, “I believe I receive my healing” or “I believe I receive my financial needs met,” and then quote the scriptures that back those things, faith is released to bring power to bear on those needs.

As Dr. Kenneth Hagin says, you need to “keep the switch of faith turned on.”  And Gloria and I have discovered that speaking out that phrase, “I believe I receive,” is one way to do it.  We say it when we pray.  We say it when we praise God.  We say it when we read the Word.

We especially say it in the face of darkness when it looks like we’re not receiving.  When everything looks the worst, we say it the loudest.  I believe I receive!

Do you want to activate your faith today?  Then make these four key words the most important words in your vocabulary.  Use them every day.  You’ll discover, just as we did. . .they work!

Scripture Reading:  Mark 11:12-24

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