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From darkness to light

Greatness is birthed in the darkest recesses of our soul. The extraction of this precious oil requires a season of pressure, pain and a desperate search for the light of God’s truth. Only when the necessary changes have taken place within the soul, will the anointing that reflects God’s glory bubble to the surface.

God conceals Himself in darkness so we are not able to discern the movement of His hands, though they are always at work on our behalf. God gets angry at our sin, not at us; because He knows our sin causes tears of regret to flow when we miss the highest goal, settling for less than He desires. God’s anger only last for a solitary moment in the night. Once Holy Spirit’s truth is discovered and embraced, God’s favor brings great joy at the rising of the morning sun.
We are called to see, apprehend and continually experience God’s loving kindnesses. We gain much wisdom through the depths of the process that God works into us in the valley of the shadow of death. His grace enables us to die to self, surrender to His perfect will and learn to walk in His higher ways. God desires to cut the chains that bind us, to release the burdens we carry and the things that weigh us down. When we yield to the pruning we will exit the dark night of the soul, enlightened to a new day, understanding that as we draw closer to knowing God and His redemptive ways, His light will now shine brighter in us than in our past.  Barbie Breathitt

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