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Guarding Our Words

Our words are extremely powerful, much more than most Christians realize. We invite trouble into our lives by not controlling our tongue as the Bible says in James 1:26-27, “If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.”

Truly, life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). If our tongue produces death and trouble, and we have such circumstances going on in our lives, we have to stop and wonder, “What have I said lately?” And this goes double for those in positions of leadership.

If we are given a sphere of influence, we are responsible to protect that influence from the enemy’s schemes. We are held responsible for what we’ve been given. Moreover, if we use our influence to slander others, it will come back to harm us.

We should guard our tongue when speaking of those beloved of the Lord and those in service to Him. However, we need to guard our tongues for our enemies as well. Fight for them – wrestle with the demons who’ve taken over their heart, using your authority to liberate them from the lies of the enemy! Pray for the love God has for you to invade and penetrate their heart.  Pray for them to know and experience the love of the Father because, as they do that, love will manifest in their treatment of others. If they refuse His love and we keep sending it to them, that love will come back on us and we will benefit from it. If, however, we send curses instead of blessings, the curses will come back on us in one way or another.

Our Lord taught about praying for our enemies and blessing those who attack us because it isn’t so much for those who are attacking us, but it’s to protect our own hearts against the bitterness of unforgiveness that would inevitably destroy us.

We shouldn’t just lay down and let people injure us.  If someone betrays us, don’t give them place to do it again (unless the Lord directs it). We have a responsibility to protect the work the Lord’s accomplished in our life; we can’t let our compassion destroy us.

We must guard our heart against bitterness and protect the love of God in our heart. We must use the authority of our words to speak constructively about our enemy what we would like to see manifest in their lives, not what is actually manifesting through them.

As the extension of Christ on the earth, we should use our tongues to produce the life He destined for us to live. With our words, we can transform our world by using our words productively to speak forth the love we’d like to see manifest in our brothers and sisters, not give way to the destructive lives of the enemy. We must decree and declare the will of our Heavenly Father, not the lies of the enemy.

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