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Make Your Dreams Come True

Great accomplishments and discoveries all begin with DESIRE.

The cure for diseases, the creation of inventions, and even romantic love all begin with desire.  Without desire the world would not only be very boring – but it would fall quickly into decay and death.

As you read this article I urge you to look within your own heart – search and discover what desires are within your own heart?  Yes, I dare you to once again DREAM.  What do you desire to have in your life and in the world?

Do you want to start your own business?  Do you desire to start a ministry?  Set up an orphanage?  Write a book?

Without a deep burning desire you will never accomplish more than a mediocre life.  Or even less.

Yet, when you do breathe life back into your desires- when you learn to ressurect the dreams – then you must learn to align your heart with action!  Desire is not the same as diligence – and diligence brings life to the seed of hope within you!

Let me repeat that… Diligence brings life to the seed of hope within you. 

When I first had the desire to write our first book, it was simply that – desire.  Not a word was typed, not a publisher contacted, nothing.  And so the seed of hope was buried within my heart – yet the seed without diligence would have never brought forth the harvest into others lives.

Every time we receive a praise report from a prison cell, a church, or just another person who has gleaned from the book – I remember that diligence was added to the seed of desire, and made it a reality.  The same is true for your dreams and goals – never let a seed of desire die from a lack of diligence.

Diligence is the prayer, the decrees, and the work all together in a demand upon our own anointing – to let it rise above our own fleshly tendencies of slothful laziness, procrastination, insecurities, and fear.

So, where are you today?  Are you in a realm of insecurity and lack?  Or are you diligently pursuing your desires?

What desires can you breathe back to life?  Then how can you be very disciplined and diligent to make it become a reality?  It starts now.  Let this article be your wake-up call for your future!

Faith without works is dead.  Dead.  No life, no hope, no promise.  Is that how you want your future?  Are you going to allow set-backs, pain, and past failures prevent you from reaching great heights?  You can write a best-selling book, you can start a business that brings wealth, you can heal the sick and reach the lost for Jesus – you can do it all if you add diligence to your desires!

So, where are you today?  This moment?

This must be a daily question, for it is a daily challnge to overcome.  Go forth and create your destiny – it starts today!  

Wayne Sutton

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