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What is your purpose?

What is in your heart to do? After having spent time with God, seeing His face, what passion naturally occurs inside of you? What vision does He give you? When we spend time with God many times He will drop things in our hearts that are simply visions of what He would have us do. Pay attention to what He shows you. What is He calling YOU to do? Don’t be a cookie-cut of someone else. Find your identity as you spend time in His Presence. Be the original that He has made you to be. Follow the visions that God drops in your heart. Many may not understand, but when we follow God-given visions He unlocks treasures inside us where we discover His joy and pleasure.  Step into your future with intention and purpose. Every moment is an opportunity. Some are seemingly small, while others can seem big. Every step you take into your future is important. Be a good steward of the time that God has given to you. Be diligent. Your life is valuable. Spend it wisely stepping into your future. (John Belt)

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