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True Worship

God is spirit and we are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The truth part speaks of a heart issue and a true heart but the spirit part is what many don’t understand. In order to be alive in Christ and born of spirit you must spend time with God in spirit. Listen, I will say it again, in order to be fully alive in Christ and have and maintain a healthy relationship you must worship the Lord in spirit with the right heart and if you don’t do that almost as much as you read your Bible then you may be spiritually sick. You must submit your spirit to almighty God and touch his spirit. I am not talking about singing songs or praying prayers from your flesh, I am talking about letting the power and presence of almighty God totally saturate you and you totally yielding to it on a regular basis and it communing with your spirit. God wants to spend quality time with you, not just time where you read His Word, or where you pray or listen for His voice, God wants more than that, God wants all of you and He wants to be extremely intimate with you. (Adam Becker)

If the idea of this kind of close, intimacy with God is uncomfortable for you, then you need to seek the Lord for healing in your mind, will and emotions. God will not force you. Holy Spirit will lead you gently.
But, it is very important to do whatever you need to do to be deeply in God’s Presence daily. Don’t know how? Just sit and ask Holy Spirit to overtake you; to lead you to the throne room of God. Press through any feelings of discomfort and fear and allow yourself to be enraptured with the Lord.

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